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Paige Spiranac Calls Out LIV: Golf World Reacts

Paige Spiranac on social media.

Paige Spiranac isn't afraid of social media confrontation.

The former professional golfer turned sports media personality had no problem calling out LIV golfers on social media earlier this week.

Spiranac took a shot at the LIV golfers following the news of their reported lawsuit.

"LIV players-We want to play less golf Also LIV players-We are suing so we can play more golf," she tweeted.

Well played, Paige.

"They're all a bunch of losers. Every single one of them and especially Westwood," one fan wrote.

"LIV players bunch of hypocrites. Now that they are in hiatus, instead of spending time with family (their mantra) they still want to play golf," another fan wrote.

"I’d like to leave my employer, but still come back and use their office space and maybe even keep my health benefits. Sure, that would happen, right?!?" another fan admitted.

Most seem to be on Paige's side.