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Video: Young Woman's Topgolf Shot Is Going Viral

Young woman's Topgolf shot is going viral.

A young woman's shot at Topgolf is going viral on social media this week. But how impressive is the shot, really?

Fore Play, a popular golf podcast by Barstool Sports, shared a video of the young woman's booming shot at Topgolf on their Instagram account.

"MY WIFEEEE," the account captioned the video.

In the video, the young woman is wearing a dress and heels - not exactly ideal golf attire - as she steps up to the tee at Topgolf. She then hits a booming drive and poses for the camera in celebration.

Check it out:

That's an impressive swing and hit, especially in that attire. But is it actually a good shot?

Commenters were quick to point out that the shot was pretty far left. It didn't seem to hit any of the Topgolf targets. And if she hit that shot on a course, she'd probably find the deep rough.

"Your wife likes to yank it left? Congrats," one commenter wrote.

"Looks like a straight pull to me," another commenter added.

Not everyone was critical, though. The shot was still an impressive one to some.

"All you guys commenting pulled it when you can’t even carry ur driver that far," one fan said.

Whether or not the shot was good is debatable. One thing is not: Topgolf is a fun time.