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Watch: Golfer Uses His Putter Out Of Bunker In Viral Shot

Lee Hodges out of the bunker.

One golfer decided to do something a little crazy on Sunday.

Lee Hodges brought out his putter on the 15th hole after his ball landed in the bunker. It's not something you see every day, but Hodges did the best he could in an unusual situation.

Hodges then used his regular club to hit the ball out of the rough grass before missing a putt on the fairway.

Here's a slow-mo view of the shot:

Most of the time, golfers will just bring out their regular sand wedge in a bunker, but Hodges wanted no part of that.

He ended up getting a bogey on that hole but it'll always be remembered for him trying something new.

Perhaps another golfer will try this in the near future.