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Video: Woman's Epic Hole-In-1 Shot Is Going Viral

A golf ball falling into the cup.

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Few things in sports - if any - are better than a hole-in-1.

Most non-professional golfers play for decades without getting one. Even some of the best PGA Tour pros have only a handful.

No one has a cooler hole-in-1 than the following shot, though.

Video of a woman's epic hole-in-1 is going viral on social media this week. The woman made the epic shot while using her putter. had some details on the epic shot:

Allison Koehnke, a 36-year-old from Salem, Ore., aced the breathtaking and cliffside 102-yard par-3 16th at the Sheep Ranch on Friday — and it was all caught on video, even the jubilant celebration. Oh, and better yet, she did it with her putter.

Koehnke took a big swing from the tee and rolled her ball onto the green, and then she got a lucky break — her ball ricocheted off one of her playing partners’ ball and tracked toward the cup, dropping in for the first hole-in-one of her life.

Even better - this was Allison's first full golf round of the year. She typically only plays a couple of holes per week with friends.

The post-round celebration had to be pretty epic for this hole-in-1.

Well done, Allison!