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Here's A Fantastic 4-Minute Ohio State Hype Video Ahead Of The 2014 Campaign

Ohio State fans saw an unceremonious end to their 2013 season - the Buckeyes, which had previously ripped off 24 straight victories, fell to Michigan State in the Big Ten title game and then Clemson in the Orange Bowl. It's fair to say that most teams would be satisfied with a 12-2 season, but that's clearly not the case in Columbus, Ohio.

We've shown you a few Buckeyes hype videos ahead of the 2014 season, which should be one of redemption for the program. The one below, created by a fan named Alex Schumacher, might be the best of the bunch. The footage covers the way that last year ended before building fans up for what could be a special season. Enjoy, OSU fans: