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Here's A Paper Tom Brady Wrote As A Teenager About Being Overshadowed By His Big Sisters

Tom Brady's paper about being overshadowed by his big sisters.

Tom Brady

Believe it or not, Tom Brady was once one of the least-successful athletes in his family. 

The New England Patriots' star quarterback has three older sisters - Maureen, Julie and Nancy - who were all excelled on the field and the court. 

Back in 1994, Brady, then a high schooler, wrote an essay for his English class about the influence his sisters had on him. 

Brady posted that essay on Facebook today. 

Some excerpts from the paper:

I was raised in a family where the expectations were high and the failures were inexcusable. I was a small, pudgy, and temperamental young lad that was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


My three sisters were all outstanding athletes in their own particular sports, as well as role models.

I was still their tag-along little brother.


Don't get me wrong, I was very proud of my sisters and I love them with all of my heart, but I wished I would be recognized as an individual and not another "Brady."


And hopefully, just maybe, one day people will walk up to (my sisters) and say, "Aren't you Tommy's sister?" or "Hey, where is your brother?" Maybe...

He got an A on the paper.