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Here's How To Check Your 'Billion Dollar Bracket' Challenge NCAA Tournament Picks

While you're fairly certain that you haven't picked every single game correctly thus far in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, there's no sense in not double-checking that theory. If you signed up for Warren Buffet's 'Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge' and want to do your due diligence to make sure you're not still in the running for some big-time money, we've got the link below in case you forgot to bookmark it.

Remember, the top 20 entries still win $100,000 each, so even if you still aren't perfect, you could win some solid cash.

Here is the link to check your "Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge" entry. Remember, it'll only work if you actually signed up and filled out a bracket. You also may need to log in with your Yahoo username and password if you've logged out since registering.

In most online competitions, less than .2% of people still had a perfect bracket after just the first day of the tournament, thanks to upsets by Dayton, North Dakota State and Harvard. What will day two bring?