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Here's Who Could Replace Chris Berman On ESPN's NFL Shows

ESPN's logo in red and white.

Chris Berman is on his way out at ESPN, according to a report by The Big Lead.

The ESPN personality's agent refutes the report that says he's retiring, but confirmed that the 61-year-old broadcaster will at least be stepping down from his prominent roles at the end of the 2016 football season. Those prominent roles are: host of Sunday NFL CountdownMonday Night Countdown and ESPN’s NFL draft coverage. 

Who will be taking Berman's place on those shows? 

The Big Lead is reporting two ESPNers appear to be prime candidates: Trey Wingo and Suzy Kolber. TBL says there is a "strong internal" push for Kolber., though, says no serious discussions regarding Berman's replacement have taken place. 

As for possible replacements for Berman, an ESPN source said that no decisions or discussions have happened yet as far as taking over Berman’s chair on Sunday NFL Countdown and Monday Night Countdown. The two host roles could very likely be split between two people and there is a possibility ESPN would look outside its own company. Trey Wingo would be the logical replacement for Berman on the NFL draft’s Day 1 coverage.

Wingo, 52, is the host of NFL Live, while Kolber, 52, helps anchor ESPN's on-site Monday Night Football coverage. 

Who do you want to see replacing Berman?