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If You've Ever Wanted To Get In On The Ground Floor Of A Sports Media Company, Here Is Your Chance

Read on.

Three months ago, we launched a college sports website.

Then, it was just an idea that sounded like it could work --- we envisioned a network of die-hard local students writing about their school's teams, and bringing NCAA rivalries to the web in a way school-specific publications have never been able to accomplish.

So two recent Syracuse grads bootstrapped it from their bank accounts and gathered 70 student-writers at eight schools. They've since written everything from rants about Rick Reilly being dead-wrong about Notre Dame to interviews with Syracuse basketball starRakeem Christmas.

Now, College Spun is much more than just some idea. It's actually a working, breathing, traffic-generating news site. Visitors are doubling month over month, articles have been cited on ESPN and SB Nation, we're now recognized by Google as a legitimate news source, and we've added more writers from schools like Kentucky and Temple to the mix.

As College Spun grows, the staff needs to grow too. So while we're always looking for local sports fans who dream of writing for ESPN some day, it's time to start looking for the people who actually want to run a company like ESPN.

We're looking for a Managing Partner to help make College Spun a big-time sports business. That person is going to be someone who cares more about site ownership and equity than an immediate paycheck, who has never-ending creative ideas, and who is excited about the chance to create the next big sports brand from scratch.


  • You must be OBSESSED with college sports.
  • You must be a great writer who can spot an interesting story and have the personality to tell it in an entertaining way.
  • You must be well versed in social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc).
  • You must be able to edit and manage other writers.
  • You must not care about a 9-5, Monday-Friday lifestyle. Games are all on nights and weekends.
  • You must be competitive by nature and so motivated you teeter on the edge of insanity.
  • You must be creative enough to never run out of ideas, fearless enough to try them, and smart enough to execute them without anyone telling you how.

Think that's you? Then we can't wait to meet you. If that's not you but you know some else who is that person, please introduce us.

Email with two sentences about yourself. Let's do this.