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Q&A With Jordyn Barratt: Tokyo Olympics, Dew Tour Competition, Partnership With Clif Bar

Jordyn Barratt competes in the skateboarding portion of the Tokyo Olympics.

TOKYO, JAPAN - AUGUST 04: Jordyn Barratt of Team United States competes during the Women's Skateboarding Park Preliminary Heat 2 on day twelve of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Ariake Urban Sports Park on August 04, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

For the second summer in a row, Jordyn Barratt will have the opportunity to showcase her skateboarding skills in front of a massive audience.

Last August, Barratt competed in the inaugural women’s skateboarding park competition for the Tokyo Olympics. The Haleiwa native ultimately finished in 11th place.

With that awesome experience in the rearview mirror, Barratt is ready for the annual Dew Tour competition.

We caught up with Barratt to discuss her partnership with Clif Bar, experience at the Tokyo Olympics, the upcoming Dew Tour and more.

The Spun: Can you tell me about your partnership with Clif Bar, as well as your advice when it comes to being healthy while on the go?

Jordyn Barratt: Being a part of the Clif Bar team is a dream come true. Just to have a company with so many athletes that I look up to from different sports is a unique thing. The company has so many good products that are healthy and sustainable. When you’re constantly on the go, it’s hard to eat healthy on a consistent basis, but having a Clif Bar, the Clif Thins or the Clif Cereal really helps.

Jordyn Barratt promoting Clif Bar.

The Spun: In 2017, you became the first woman to qualify and compete at the Dew Tour. Fast forward five years, what do you think when you hear that?

JB: It’s definitely pretty crazy to look back at that moment and see how far skateboarding has come. Now, women have their own division instead of having to compete against the men. We’ve had so many contests come up in the past five years that have given women more and more opportunities. I’m super happy to be around for this era.

The Spun: Speaking of the present, what’s your mindset heading into your upcoming Dew Tour competition?

JB: It’s definitely really exciting. I’m glad that I’m getting back into the contest frame of mind. My favorite thing to do is compete, but ever since the Olympics, things have been pretty mellow. So to have the Dew Tour come back is so exciting. There isn’t as much pressure with the Dew Tour like there is with the Olympics.

The Spun: You had the chance to compete at the Tokyo Olympics. What was that experience like?

JB: The Olympics were so amazing. I’m so grateful I was able to be there and qualify because it was something I’ll hold closely for the rest of my life. Skateboarding in the Olympics has shed more light on the sports. It’ll bring skateparks to towns that never really had skateboarding. It’s now considered a legit sport, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it.

The Spun: I spoke about this with Tony Hawk prior to the Olympics, but I’m curious what your perspective on this subject is. Do you feel as if the narrative surrounding skateboarding has changed?

JB: For sure. Skateboarding is such a unique sport because any person can do it and push their own identity through it. To have the Olympics shed light on the sport to countries around the world is huge. So I think we just need to build off that momentum and get more countries to embrace it.

The Spun: What’s the best moment of your career so far?

JB: There have been so many thanks to skateboarding. Just last week we went to the White House to meet the President and Vice President. I was so honored to be there. It’s probably at the top of my list so far. But I’m also looking forward to these upcoming contests and the 2024 Paris Olympics. We didn’t get to explore Tokyo as much for the Olympics, so to be able to get the full experience would be awesome.

The Spun: What are some goals remaining on your bucket list?

JB: My first goal would be to qualify for the Paris Olympics. Once that goal is achieved, I’m thinking about hopefully making the finals and/or medaling. That’s the top goal for sure.

This year’s Dew Tour competition will take place July 29-30 at Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines, Iowa.

Barratt, 23, is hoping to make some serious noise at the largest skatepark in the United States. We’ll find out in July if she can do just that.

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