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Kristie Mewis Q&A: US Soccer, Gotham FC, The Olympics

Kristie Mewis dribbles the ball of the USWNT.

CARSON, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 17: Kristie Mewis #22 of the United States runs with the ball during the match between United States and Czech Republic as part of SheBelieves Cup 2022 at Dignity Health Sports Park on February 17, 2022 in Carson, California. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

This is an important month for Kristie Mewis, and not because her sister and USWNT teammate Sam's middle name is June.

It is the 50th anniversary of Title IX, the monumental civil rights legislation that has served as a backbone for women's sports. Mewis, who is currently starring for Gotham FC in the NWSL, is partnering with Six Star Pro Nutrition to commemorate the occasion.

It's also Pride Month, which Mewis will be celebrating along with her girlfriend Sam Kerr, a star forward for Chelsea and the Australian National Team. Mewis and Kerr, who have been together since last year, are one of the more prominent couples in all of sports.

We caught up with Mewis today to discuss these topics, plus U.S. soccer's recent landmark equal pay agreement, her time with Gotham FC, playing in the Olympics and much more.

Let's get started:

The Spun: The impact of Title IX has been massive over the last five decades. How did you get involved with Six Star to honor the 50th anniversary of Title IX and what does that entail?

Kristie Mewis: I've been off and on working with Six Star since 2020. They're a company that I really believe in. Their investment in women's sports and how much they care about so many things, it's just so important to me to work with authentic, influential companies. It's been amazing working with them and the impact they've had on women's sports is incredible.

The Spun: More recently, U.S. Soccer reached a historic equal pay agreement. What does that mean to you and what do you think are the next steps for female athletes in the battle for equality?

KM: I think that it was such a huge step in the right direction. My sister and so many women worked tirelessly to get this for us. Obviously, the women before them did too. I think it's just been a long time coming and we're finally getting what we deserve. It's such a huge step for women's sports and women in general.

For me specifically, it feels special to be a part of a team like that. Being able to impact in any way that I can positively feels amazing. I think we still have so much work to do, but it feels really good to be a part of something like that.

The Spun: You have played with your sister in the Olympics but not in a World Cup. With the next Women's World Cup set for 2023, how important of a goal is it for you to be on the field with her for that?

KM: I think it's something we're both dreaming of. It would be so special to be able to play with her in a World Cup. We're both doing everything that we possibly can to be on the team. I think it's still pretty far away but I do think that we both have a good chance to make it. It was such a dream come true to play in the Olympics together and it would be amazing to play in another major tournament together. I think we're just taking it day by day though.

The Spun: Speaking of the Olympics, the USWNT has come up short of the gold in each of the last two games. What do you think needs to happen to avoid a repeat of that next year?

KM: I think it's very important [to win gold]. I wouldn't say that U.S. Soccer got a little bit complacent, but I think that we are getting caught up to now. Other countries are incredible, and they have great programs and their federations are putting in so much money. Obviously, that was super disappointing at the Olympics but I think we're definitely taking a step in the right direction. I feel good about the squad. I feel good about the coaches. I think they're doing everything possible to get us ready and I think that we as players feel like we underperformed at the Olympics. I think that it was a really good wakeup call for us as an organization and we're doing everything we can to be ready for it.

The Spun: What are some of those changes you've noticed? Obviously, there's been some new players, younger players added to the roster. What other changes have you noticed?

KM: Yea, there's definitely a bunch of new players which is great. Everyone is young. Everyone is hungry. Everyone is really fit and fast. I think the coaches are incorporating different tactics, different ways of winning. I think they themselves too got a little bit of a wakeup call at the Olympics. But I think it was good and it was necessary and I can definitely see so many changes being made throughout the staff and players at practice and these friendly games we've had.

The Spun: At the Olympics in Tokyo last summer, you and your girlfriend Sam Kerr had a touching on-field moment after the USWNT beat Australia. At the time, you guys had not publicly confirmed you were dating, so what was it like seeing the reaction to that from people who thought it was just great sportsmanship?

KM: It's not like we cared, but I just think that we didn't really know that there were any cameras on the field after that game. They kind of caught us in like a really cute, candid moment that I think was seen everywhere. That picture is really cute. I love it so much.

I think it was just cute. It was a difficult moment because Sam had to lose that game and I think she more than anyone deserved to get a medal because she's such an amazing player. It was a really cute moment. We'll have that picture forever. It was a really special moment that we shared with each other.

The Spun: What is it like maintaining a long-distance relationship while you are both playing professionally?

KM: It's hard. We live on different continents and we live in different time zones. It's definitely really difficult, but I think it's just something that we're both very committed to. We thought long and hard before we got into something like this. I would rather have her than not have her. She's just such an important person in my life and I don't know what I'd do without her. It's obviously still hard but we make it work and I think it's so worth it. 

The Spun: You've now played for a few different NWSL franchises. If you could play in any city in America that doesn't currently have a NWSL franchise, what would it be?

KM: I would love to play in Miami I think. I think Miami would be so cool. The weather is nice year-round and I've really enjoyed the time I've spent in Miami on vacations and stuff so I would love to play for a team there.

The Spun: How has it been playing for Gotham FC? And how are you enjoying the NY/NY area?

KM: It's been really good. I'm back on the East Coast and I haven't been here in a couple of years so it's nice to be back feeling so close to my home and my friends and family. The team has been really welcoming. Scott [Parkinson] is such a great coach. I think the organization is going in such a good direction and I'm excited to be a part of it for these next three years.

The Spun: Judging by your Instagram, you're pretty into fashion. What do you enjoy about it and what is your approach to fashion?

KM: I definitely have a lot of fun with clothes, trying new things. I think that I have my own sense of style, so it's been really fun using Instagram and using the platform to play around with it and express myself in a different way besides soccer. My team at Gotham FC has a great little setup before games and I think that it's kind of giving a new energy to the NWSL and it's giving ups something cool and fun to do like the NBA, WNBA and NFL. 

The Spun: Last question: what is one hidden talent that Kristie Mewis has that not many people will know about?

KM: Oh, this is tough. I don't know. I could do a back handspring, which no one believes me when I say I could do that. I haven't done one in a few years, so maybe I can't do it anymore, but I used to be a gymnast and I could do all the flips and stuff.

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