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Iran's Women's Soccer Team Apparently Has 8 Men On It

The Iranian women's soccer team isn't what it claims to be, according to a report by The Telegraph. According to the publication, it's been claimed that eight of the team's members are actually men who are "awaiting sex change operations." Iran is being accused of being unethical for the reported transgression.

">October 1, 2015

This past Wednesday, it was ordered that the team undergo gender testing. It's noted that Iran plays in hijab headscarfs, long-sleeved tops and tracksuit bottoms, making it more difficult to determine gender by the human eye. This isn't the first time Iran has come under fire for something like this:

In 2014, the country's football governing body introduced random checks after it was revealed that four national team players were either men who had not completed sex change operations, or were suffering from sexual development disorders.

The names of the athletes in question have not been revealed.