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Kobe Bryant Refused To Sign Nick Young's Adidas Shoes, Threw Them In The Trash

Kobe Bryant's allegiance to Nike is, unsurprisingly, incredibly strong. 

After the Los Angeles Lakers' guard's final game Wednesday night - a game in which he dropped 60 (!) points - Bryant's teammates asked him to sign a bunch of their gear. Nick Young tried to get Bryant to sign a pair of his old adidas shoes. Bryant refused, throwing the shoes in the trash. 

The 37-year-old was with adidas at the beginning of his career before switching over to Nike. 

">April 14, 2016

Young was probably trying to get Bryant to sign one of these shoes - some of Bryant's signature adidas kicks.

He did end up signing some Nikes for Young and took a picture with his son.

">April 14, 2016

Bryant's deal with Nike is reportedly worth $15 million/year. New models of his signature shoes will continue to be made despite his playing career being over.