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Michael Irvin On Dez Bryant's 2016: "Something Can Happen Here"

Michael Irvin is feeling good about Dez Bryant heading into the 2016 season. 

The Cowboys' former No. 88 gave his thoughts on the team's current No. 88 while appearing at Dallas' final practice at its Valley Ranch facility last week. 

Irvin says there's no reason to believe the upcoming season won't be a great one for Bryant and the Cowboys. 

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If we r going 2 the #Super Bowl n r own #State! This @DezBryant & @EzekielElliott image must rule the year❤️???

— Michael Irvin (@michaelirvin88) June 18, 2016

">@EzekielElliott image must rule the

— Michael Irvin (@michaelirvin88)

If we r going 2 the #Super Bowl n r own #State! This @DezBryant & @EzekielElliott image must rule the year❤️???

— Michael Irvin (@michaelirvin88) June 18, 2016

">June 18, 2016

From ESPN:

"No doubt," Irvin said. "Last year was a great experience. Not on output and everything but on levels of understanding what it takes and all of that. And Dez will tell you that himself. And not just from Dez's perspective, but from also the feeling and the atmosphere going into the season is important and now everybody, I believe, is back on track of feeling like, 'Boy, something can happen here. Something can happen here.' Going into last season with all of the situations going on in the offseason, that wasn't the feeling." "He has to make sure he's feeling good about himself," Irvin said.


"He has his quarterback back there. He'll be fine. I know he's looking for a great year with all those things going into the season. [Mentality] will be the difference. Knowing it's structurally good, he'll be good. Knowing it's strong enough to do certain things, you'll be good. Getting yourself to say you're free to do all those things is the key. You've got to feel that."

Bryant missed much of the 2015 season with a foot injury and has been held out of many team functions this offseason. The Cowboys' star wide receiver and Tony Romo have plans to meet up before training camp to help re-establish their chemistry. 

The Cowboys open training camp in late July in Oxnard, Calif.