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13-Year Old Umpire Explains How Horrible Brawl Broke Out At Youth Baseball Game Last Weekend

Parents at a youth baseball game fight.

Most of the time, youth sports are wholly positive experiences for young athletes. On occasion, though, parents have a tendency to take things way too far.

Sadly, that was the case in Lakewood, Colo. last weekend.

During a youth baseball game at an elementary school, a brawl between parents broke out, after some disagreed with a decision made by the 13-year old umpire. The video is pretty hideous.

There's no excuse for behavior like this, especially by parents in from of their children.

The teenage umpire has spoken up about the incident, and revealed how the entire youth baseball brawl started.

Umpire Josh Cordova says that he issued a warning to one parent about the use of profanity around the children.

A disagreement broke out between the two sides over whether that fan should be ejected. From there, things turned violent.

From NBC News:

Cordova said that "when an old man dropped the f-bomb on the sidelines" he issued a formal warning to both fans and the teams from the Bear Creek Junior Sports Association to knock it off.

"It was kind of weird," the young umpire said. "I shouldn't have to tell a grown man how to act around little kids."

Rather than heed the umpire's call for calm, the adults on both sides of the diamond started to argue over whether the offending fan should be removed from the grounds at Westgate Elementary School. The barking turned to fisticuffs with adults running on to the field and throwing punches.

"I issued it (the warning) to the entire field, and then everybody started yelling and screaming and it just got really chaotic, like, 'He should should be ejected, he should be out of there.' Coaches were pointing," Cordova recalled.

As many have pointed out, the young teen umpire wound up being the most adult person in the entire situation.

Police reportedly cited five people involved for disorderly conduct, two of whom work for the Denver Public Works department. They have been suspended with pay during the investigation into the brawl, per the report.

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