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Blue Jays Fan Who Allegedly Threw Beer Has Been Charged

It only took two days to find the Blue Jays fan who allegedly threw a beer at an Orioles outfielder.

Ken Pagan, an apparent copy editor at PostMedia (the company that owns the Toronto Sun) has been charged as the Blue Jays fan who allegedly threw a beer at Baltimore outfielder Hyun Soo Kim during the AL Wild Card game on Tuesday.

Pagan was identified by Toronto Police on Wednesday as the suspect who they believe threw the beer at the Orioles outfielder.

This all comes after Pagan communicated with the London Free Press on Wednesday that they have the wrong man:

“I was drinking out of a cup,” Pagan told Postmedia, and suggested Twitter photos that show him after the can was tossed clearly indicate he had a cup in his hand. “I’d love to tell you what happened and my story … but I can’t say anything.”

More to come as more details come out about the beer-tossing Blue Jays fan.

The Blue Jays routed the Texas Rangers in Game 1 of the ALDS 10-1 on Thursday.