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This Week's Most Amazing Sporting Event Was A Fan Race Between Innings At A Braves Game

Forget the NBA Finals or the Stanley Cup. Friday night's race between a Braves fan and the mysterious "Freeze" is the best sporting event we've seen this week.

Promotional activities and contests can often be fun diversions from professional sporting events, but this race at Friday's Braves-Mets game broke through as a massively viral moment.

The contest involves a fan getting a long head start in a race against a character named "The Freeze," who is unbelievably fast.

Friday's fan got out to a huge lead; the Mets' SNY broadcast team estimated that it was at least 200 feet before The Freeze took off. Just feet from the finish line, thinking he had the contest won, the fan started to celebrate early.

That's when an absolutely hilarious sports moment happened.

This is just a wonderful lesson in hubris.

I never thought superheroes were real, until I saw The Freeze run in this race. He is truly the hero we all need right now.