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Bryce Harper Shares His Idea For The 2020 MLB Season

Bryce Harper reacts to hitting a walk-off grand slam.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 15: Bryce Harper #3 of the Philadelphia Phillies reacts after hitting a walk-off grand slam against the Chicago Cubs at Citizens Bank Park on August 15, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Phillies defeated the Cubs 7-5. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Right now, MLB players and owners are negotiating around a proposal designed to start the 2020 season in early July. In the meantime, star outfielder Bryce Harper has come up with an idea of his own.

Harper shared his plan for the season on Instagram this weekend. Like the rest of the league, he has been out of action since MLB shut down operations during spring training in March due to COVID-19.

"Beyond the health and safety which comes first for all players, staff, workers, fans, and families. Just an idea I have been thinking about," Harper wrote before detailing his proposal.

The six-time All-Star wants baseball to split teams up into Eastern and Western conferences, "like NBA." This would eliminate the National and American Leagues for this season. For what it's worth, MLB has reportedly discussed realignment if and when the 2020 campaign gets up and running.

A breakdown for how Harper foresees scheduling and roster construction can be found below.

July 31 days⠀
August 31 days ⠀
September 30 days ⠀
October 31 days ⠀
November 15 days ⠀
135 games. ⠀
Off day every 2 weeks on a Monday and Sunday double header 7 innings. ⠀

30 players. 6 man rotation. Save arms. IF pitchers wanted this. If not no big deal. DH and any other ideas possible.⠀

As for the playoffs, Bryce has a couple of ideas for how to make that work.

Playoffs ⠀
2 week World Series. Like Super bowl week. ⠀

10 teams round robin format College World Series kinda style at the new Texas Stadium or whatever stadium/ stadiums are best. 3 game series. You win the series you move on. You lose you play the other loser in a 1 game wildcard. Winner of that moves on. Other team is out. ⠀
Or you could play it in Vegas so you have the Strip Hotels and could use one hotel for all the guys and contain possibly? ⠀

2 teams left 7 game World Series. They get 2 days off before the series. With those 2 days off you do a All Star Game and homerun derby. Could do the MLB awards as well at that time. ⠀

Open this up on all platforms. No blackouts. Open it for everybody to watch. ⠀

Then you back up season the next 2 years. May 1st 2021. April 1st 2022.

"Maybe I’m crazy. Just fun to think about and throw around ideas," the 2015 NL MVP wrote.

For what it's worth, Harper's plan probably features too many games and too many moving parts to possibly make happen, especially on short notice.

We do appreciate him thinking outside the box though.