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Cecil Fielder Honored On Sunday: MLB World Reacts

Detroit Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder on the field during the season in Major League Baseball.

DETROIT, MI - MAY 16: Cecil Fielder of the Detroit Tigers bats against the Cleveland Indians at Comerica Park on May 16, 1996 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images)

Longtime Detroit Tigers slugger Cecil Fielder was honored by the organization on Sunday.

Fielder, one of the most-entertaining hitters in MLB history, received a prominent award.

"Proud to honor Cecil Fielder with the 2022 Willie Horton African American Legacy Award for his outstanding contributions to the Tigers organization," the Tigers announced.

Congrats to Cecil!

"Cecil looks amazing!!" one fan tweeted.

Cecil then joined the Detroit Tigers booth later in the game on Sunday afternoon. 

Fans enjoyed it.

"I demand an announcing team of Cecil Fielder and anybody else, I don’t care who, uncensored and raw. I will gladly pay for any streaming service if it must be done that way. This man is a gem and we are missing a tremendous opportunity," one fan added.

The Tigers are leading the Rangers, 5-3.