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David Ortiz Rips Former Astros Pitcher Mike Fiers

Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz salutes fans.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - APRIL 11: David Ortiz #34 of the Boston Red Sox enters the dugout after batting practice before the Red Sox home opener against the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park on April 11, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

It's widely known that former Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers was the whistleblower who got the ball rolling on the cheating scandal that has rocked baseball. While some people are glad that Fiers exposed the Astros' ill-gotten World Series gains, David Ortiz isn't among them. The Boston Red Sox legend tore into the current Oakland Athletics' pitcher in a recent interview.

Speaking to MassLive, Ortiz said he was mad at Fiers for waiting so long to come out and expose the Astros. Fiers hit free agency after winning a World Series ring with the Astros in 2017, signing a $6 million deal with the Detroit Tigers that year.

Ortiz complained that Fiers shouldn't have waited until after getting his payday and World Series ring to speak out. He went further and said that Fiers looks "like a snitch" for not exposing the Astros while the cheating was going on.

Via MassLive:

“I’m mad at this guy, the pitcher who came out talking about it... And let me tell you why. Oh, after you make your money, after you get your ring you decide to talk about it. Why don’t you talk about it during the season when it was going on? Why didn’t you say, ‘I don’t want to be no part of (this)?' Now you look like a snitch. You know what I mean? Why do you have to talk about it after? That’s my problem. Why did nobody say anything while it was going on?”

Fiers signed a two-year deal with the Oakland Athletics at the end of the 2018 season. He had a career-year with the A's in 2019, and then reported his allegations this past November.

The punishments against the Astros consisted of front-office suspensions, a fine, and draft pick forfeiture. But the league's refusal to suspend players or confiscate their World Series trophy has been a major sticking point.

Baseball players and fans alike have ripped MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for his handling of the situation.

What do you think about David Ortiz's feelings on Mike Fiers?