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David Ortiz's Daughter Shares Heartfelt Message After Shooting

Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz waves to fans.

BOSTON, MA - OCTOBER 02: David Ortiz #34 of the Boston Red Sox waves to fans during the pregame ceremony to honor his retirement before his last regular season home game at Fenway Park on October 2, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

David Ortiz continues to recover from the serious gunshot wound he suffered last weekend. Ortiz was shot in his native Dominican Republic last Sunday.

He underwent emergency surgery to repair his internal injuries before being flown back to Massachusetts to continue recuperating. Ortiz underwent a second surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Since then, he's been resting comfortably. Ortiz's wife was providing updates on his condition throughout the weekend.

On Thursday, his daughter Alexandria posted a touching tribute on Instagram. In it, she spoke of her father's endless optimism and thanked those who have supported him and the entire family.

I would like to formally thank everyone who has reached out so kindly to feed us, transport us, and support us. Those who have extended prayers, thoughts, and love, I thank you. If there is one thing this world should know it is the admiration I have for this man, my father. I find myself complaining on a daily basis yet chaos has struck but my dad hasn’t complained once. I promise on my life he has not once looked for pity, tears, or even indicated how he feels in his current state. He may be hungry (he’s eating only ice right now) and he may be tired but you know what he said not more than 3 minutes ago? “Even the toothpaste tastes good here.” I hoped to share a bit of optimism in a time like this. People keep asking: [if] there is anything [they] can do. There is one thing everyone can do. Anytime you want to complain or feel sorry practice David’s method and turn that sorrow into optimism. #myRemarkableDadDavid #IceChipDiet #ThankYouDoctorsDominicanandAmerican

Ortiz is extremely lucky, considering he was shot in his back and point-blank range. He easily could have suffered worse injuries than he did or possibly died.

It is tremendous to hear from his daughter that Big Papi hasn't lost his trademark positive attitude as he's facing this challenge.