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Video: Here's The Groin-Five David Ross Did After His Home Run

david ross had a questionable celebration.

David Ross' high-five was a special one tonight.

David Ross and the Chicago Cubs celebrated his sixth inning home run off Andrew Miller in Game 7 of the World Series with some groin high-fives.

The groin high-five is something Ross and the Cubs have been doing all season, but it's never got more attention than it did tonight. Ross' home run came in the half inning after the Indians scored two runs off of a wild pitch that got by Ross to cut the score to 5-3.

Ross' homer put the Cubs back up by three runs, 6-3.

Here's the video of Ross' celebration.

The Cubs still lead, 6-3, in the bottom of the 6th inning.

Both teams are attempting to win their first World Series in more than 50 years.

Cleveland last won it all in 1948, beating the Boston Braves four games to two.

Chicago last won it all in 1908, beating the Detroit Tigers four games to one.

Game 7 is being televised on FOX.