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Umpires Appear To Have Blown This Call In The Mets-Giants Game

Denard Span sliding into second base.


We have our first potentially major blown call of the MLB postseason.

MLB umpires appear to have blown a call on a steal by Giants centerfielder Denard Span, who attempted to steal second base in the top of the fourth inning of tonight's Wild Card game against the Mets at Citi Field in New York.

Span, San Francisco's leadoff hitter, walked to start the top of the fourth. He then stole second base and, surprisingly, was called out by the 2B umpire. The call was challenged by the Giants and, again surprisingly, was held up by the umpires.

The call was fairly significant, as Noah Syndergaard and Madison Bumgarner are dueling and it might take just one run to win this game. The batter behind Span walked, so the Giants potentially missed out on having runners on first and second with no outs with the middle of their order coming up. Instead, the next three hitters were retired and the score remained, 0-0. Did the umpires actually get it wrong, though? One Twitter user says they got it right, though it's fairly unclear.

That looks like Span's cleats are still on the bag, but it's tough to tell.

The Giants and the Mets are playing on ESPN.