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Freddie Freeman's Agent Is Suing Prominent Sports Radio Host

Freddie Freeman at the plate.

Last month, FOX Sports Radio host Doug Gottlieb shared a shocking rumor involving Freddie Freeman and his agent Casey Close on Twitter.

"Casey Close never told Freddie Freeman about the Braves final offer, that is why Freeman fired him,” Gottlieb wrote. “He found out in Atlanta this weekend. It isn’t that rare to have happen in MLB, but it happened – Close knew Freddie would have taken the ATL deal." 

Close quickly shut down that narrative being pushed by Gottlieb. 

"I will not stand by as the circumstances surrounding Freddie Freeman's departure from Atlanta are mischaracterized," Close told ESPN. "Since March, the Braves have fostered a narrative about the negotiations which, stated plainly, is false. Part of that false narrative is the suggestion that I did not communicate a contract offer to the Freemans." 

On Thursday, ESPN's Jeff Passan provided an update on this situation involving Gottlieb and Close. 

Close is reportedly suing Gottlieb for libel, alleging that the radio host "defamed him and Excel Sports Management in a tweet." 

Gottlieb's camp has not yet commented on this development. 

As for Freddie Freeman, he ultimately signed a six-year, $162 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.