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Jeff Passan's Account Was Hacked: MLB World Reacts

ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan

As the MLB-MLBPA labor negotiations extend to the point where a full season is becoming increasingly unlikely, one of the top sources for information - MLB insider Jeff Passan - got his account hacked.

Earlier today, Passan's account got taken over by a user trying to promote NFTs. This occurred less than an hour after Passan reported that the two sides had agreed upon terms for an international draft.

Shortly after that tweet was posted, Passan's profile picture, name and account description were suddenly changed. Multiple retweets from an NFT website immediately followed - and everyone knew that Passan had been hacked.

For diehard baseball fans, this is a tragedy given how close the MLB and MLBPA appear to be on a deal. But for the wider sports world, it's extremely funny and so are the comments.

"Imagine hacking Jeff Passan and not tweeting "Baseball is back." Like bro could've broke the internet but instead they had to plug their garbage NFT's," one fan wrote.

"I’ll buy an NFT from Jeff Passan’s hacker if we can get a baseball agreement before lunch (I also have to learn how to buy an NFT," wrote another.

"Jeff Passan being hacked feels like the beginning of the baseball apocalypse," a third wrote.

Some have joked that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is behind the hack given Passan's favoritism towards the MLBPA.

Hopefully Passan gets his account back soon. A lot of people are at risk of getting scammed if his large platform gets abused.