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Look: Joey Votto Steals A Base As Manny Machado Does "The Wave" With Crowd

Joey Votto stealing third base.

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Joey Votto has never been a real threat running the bases. And yet, the six-time All-Star managed to steal third during Friday night's game between the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres.

During the top of the fourth inning, Manny Machado was seen trying to hype up the crowd at Petco Park. He got a bit carried away though, as he was seen doing the wave.

Since no one was even ready to cover third base, Votto decided to take off and steal third base. It had to be the easiest stolen base he's ever had in his 15-year career.

This stolen base probably doesn't happen if Machado is paying attention, but kudos to Votto for being alert and taking advantage of that opportunity.

Here's the stolen base from last night's Reds-Padres game:

Fortunately for Machado, the Padres won 8-2 and this stolen base from Votto meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. As for Votto, he's officially on the board with his first stolen base of the 2021 season. He only has 80 career stolen bases in 1,811 games played. The Reds will be back in action tonight, so we'll see if Joey Votto can find a way to go back-to-back games with a stolen base. First pitch is set for 7:15 p.m. ET on FOX. [

Joey Votto just stole a base!!

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