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Look: Major League Baseball Is Teasing Big News

A bunch of baseballs with the MLB logo on it in a net.

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

MLB fans were enjoying a peaceful Tuesday afternoon until the league's official Twitter account decided to tease significant news.

Earlier today, the MLB tweeted out a picture of a baseball with the caption "Big things coming." Details will not be provided until this Wednesday, but fans have already come out with several theories.

Since the picture the MLB posted looks awfully similar to the cover art for the movie "Field of Dreams," people believe this announcement has to do with a game that's scheduled for later this year.

Back in November, the league announced that the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees would square off on Aug. 12 in Dyersville, Iowa. This game was supposed to take place during the 2020 season, but the pandemic obviously threw a wrench in the MLB's plans.

This game between Chicago and New York would mark the first MLB game ever played in Iowa.

Of course, there are some fans who have decided to run wild with conspiracy theories because of the league's cryptic tweet.

One fan sarcastically replied to the MLB saying "Are you guys getting rid of the Yankees?" Another fan responded "Let me guess. You're teaming up with NASA to send two baseball teams and a group of umpires to the moon to play a game of baseball."

Luckily for MLB fans, they won't have to wait much longer to find out what this announcement is all about.