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Report: Matt Harvey Was "Depressed" After Seeing Ex-Girlfriend Adriana Lima Out With Julian Edelman

Matt Harvey reportedly saw his ex-girlfriend with another man, causing him to go in a tailspin.

On Sunday, the New York Mets suspended pitcher Matt Harvey for three games without pay. Initial reports suggested the Mets suspended Harvey for "violating club rules." It was later reported that Harvey was out late Friday night partying, and then spent Saturday golfing before going home with a migraine.

Harvey was expected to show up for the Mets' game against the Miami Marlins, however, he did not make an appearance. The Mets sent team officials to Harvey's house, in order to make sure that he was there.

It's a curious situation for a starting pitcher to put himself in, but there may be a reason after all. According to a report from Page Six, Harvey spotted his ex-girlfriend, model Adrianna Lima, out with another man last week. The man? New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman.

From the report:

[Matt Harvey] became an emotional wreck on May 2, after paparazzi photos came out showing Adriana Lima stepping from a limo and heading into Rihanna’s Met Gala afterparty with her former boyfriend, NFL star Julian Edelman.

Both the Victoria’s Secret stunner and the Patriots wide receiver — with whom she had broken up several months earlier — wore grins on their faces like they were having the time of their lives.

Inside the party, Lima and Edelman were “flirty,” Post sources said. And, to add insult to injury, Lima unfollowed Harvey on Instagram after the event.

We're not sure the news gives Harvey an excuse to miss a game, but at least there might be some explanation to Harvey's erratic behavior here.

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