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Meet The Freeze: Here's The Man Destroying Fans In Races At Braves Games

The masked man is a former track star and member of the Braves' grounds crew.

He goes by "The Freeze" and he's probably the fastest man to set foot on an MLB field this year.

He's not a player, though. He's a masked man who races fans at Braves games at SunTrust Park in between innings.

The Freeze went viral earlier this week, when he dusted a fan who started to showboat a little too early, falling face-first into the dirt as The Freeze speeded by him.

The following tweet from Bleacher Report writer Joon Lee has been retweeted more than 50,000 times.

While The Freeze has a name and crazy speed akin to a superhero, he's actually just a regular dude. His real name is Nigel Talton. He's a member of the Braves' grounds crew and he ran track in college at nearby Kennesaw State. While in school, he broke the program record for the 60m dash. In 2013, he finished 8th in the USA Track and Field indoor championships.

Here's his bio, from Kennesaw State:

Nigel Talton was born to Tisa and Al Horton in Fort Valley, Georgia... He has one sister named Alisa.Favorite food is okra and favorite fast food is McDonald's... Enjoys watching movies and spending time with his sister... Sport Management Major and Coaching Minor... Plans to attended
grad school to further his education... Would love to run in the Olympics one day.

It doesn't look like running in the Olympics is going to happen, but embarrassing fans at Braves games is a nice consolation prize.