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MLB Reportedly Considering Significant Change To Playoff Format

A general view of the Cleveland indians field during the world series.

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Opening Day for this season was originally scheduled to take place yesterday, but that obviously didn't happen due to health concerns around the globe. That being said, the MLB is currently looking at ways it can make up for its lost revenue.

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, the league might expand this year's playoffs to 14 teams. It would make for additional big games that would not only put fans in the seats, but draw solid ratings on television as well.

Heyman said that nothing is close to final at this moment. League officials have proposed this playoff format for subsequent years. However, the time to try this experiment might just be now.

The current playoff format allows 10 teams into the postseason. This includes six division winners and a total of four wild-card teams.

Plenty of baseball fans have voiced their complaints about this potential format. If the regular season is shortened, why should more teams be allowed into the playoffs?

On the other hand, adding more teams into the mix for the postseason would help the league bounce back - financially speaking - from what has been a really strange year for sports.

Do you think MLB commissioner Rob Manfred should make this change to the league's playoff format?