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MLB Insider Announces Another Significant Change To Draft

A bunch of baseballs with the MLB logo on it in a net.

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Late last night Major League Baseball and the Player's Association reached a new labor agreement for the 2020 season. That new agreement contains a number of interesting changes, several of which affect the MLB Draft.

According to ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan, the new labor agreement will place new caps on draft picks salaries in 2020. Per the report, draft picks will only get $100,000 of their bonus in 2020, with the remainder spread out over the next two seasons.

Half will be due on July 1, 2021 and the other half will be due on July 1, 2022. Passan also reported that teams cannot trade any draft picks or international slots for the time being.

Part of the agreement is that the 2020 MLB Draft could be shortened to just five rounds, while the 2021 MLB Draft could have 20. These rules will apparently apply regardless of whether the 2020 MLB season gets played even partially.

On its face, the labor agreement doesn't seem to bode too well for young prospects. While players with service years are expected to be credited regardless of whether games are played this year, the draft picks are going to be making less.

There's also the very real chance that the number of prospects who get drafted in the first place takes a steep drop - depriving even more players of their professional chance.

What do you think of the new labor agreement?