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MLB Owner Reportedly Had 1-Word Response To The Players' New Offer

The Houston Astros field on MLB opening day.

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 02: A general view of the Opening Day logo at Minute Maid Park before the game between the Houston Astros and Baltimore Orioles on April 2, 2018 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

There have been some glimmers of hope for the return of the MLB in recent days, but the standoff between owners and players remains pretty heated. At least one owner is not impressed by the MLBPA's latest offer.

The money on the table has been the biggest sticking point. Players are looking for their salaries to be fully prorated, which was originally agreed to back on March 26, something the owners appear ready to meet after weeks of looking for them to take a bigger cut. The number of games now appears to be the major issue.

Owners want fewer games. That means less money per game to the players, while still cashing in on big-money playoff television contracts. Players want to play a more comprehensive schedule. The most recent offer from the MLBPA is for 70 games, with a 50/50 split on playoff revenue for next year.

MLB Network's Jon Heyman has been active from the owners' side of these negotiations. He says that one owner called the newest offer "dead on arrival." The owners don't seem to want to go more than 60 games.

It is hard to see how the owners will win over the public with a stance of "less baseball" in 2020. The game might have been able to become the first team sport to return, but instead could get beaten to the punch by the NBA.

Baseball could've used a national shot in the arm like that, but the owners are fumbling that opportunity over the fears of one season in the red.

Hopefully these two sides can come together in the coming days and get baseball back on the schedule, but with a potential lockout on the horizon after the CBA expires in December 2021, it is hard to be bullish on the MLB's future.


One owner’s response to players proposal today: “DOA”

— Jon Heyman (@JonHeyman) June 18, 2020

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