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MLB Umpire Is Getting Destroyed For Atrocious Strike Call

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez.


A good sign of a Major League Baseball umpire is when you're not getting talked about. Well, Angel Hernandez is getting talked about tonight...

The veteran Major League umpire is behind home plate for this evening's rivalry game between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox.

Both the Cubs and the White Sox fans are not happy with Hernandez's zone, but one strike call in particular is standing out.

Hernandez is getting crushed for this strike three call on Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward. It's a pretty brutal, atrocious strike call.

The Cubs' fans, players and coaches were outraged by the call. You could pretty clearly hear manager David Ross yell at Hernandez following the strike call.

Here it was:

That ball is down - way down. It's not an awful pitch, but it's not one that should be called a strike at the Major League level - ever.

Thankfully for the Cubs, they've already clinched the National League Central Division. They're heading to the playoffs.

The White Sox, though, lead tonight's game. Chicago's American League team is leading its National League team, 9-5, as we head into the eighth inning.

Hopefully there aren't any more disastrous strike calls in the game's final moments.