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MLB World Reacts To Javy Baez's Crazy Play Today

Javy Baez runs to first base.

Chicago Cubs shortstop Javier "Javy" Baez is nicknamed "El Mago" ("The Magician") for a reason - which he demonstrated with an absolutely crazy play in today's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

With an unforced runner on second in the top of the third inning, Baez grounded a ball to third, which was quickly scooped up and tossed in front of second base. But the first baseman didn't hit the bag, and instead tried to chase Baez backwards towards home plate.

But the Pirates first baseman didn't notice the Cubs base runner rounding third until it was too late. He tossed the ball to the catcher, hoping to get an out, but the runner got a run.

Seizing an opportunity, Baez dashed towards first base, where an error allowed him to hit the bag. He then sprinted to second, and was once again saved by a fielding error.

The MLB world was simply stunned by the development on the field. Half loved it, while the other half were puzzled as to how it could even happen:

Javy Baez would make the Pirates suffer even harder on the ensuing at-bat. A single to center from Ian Happ allowed Baez to score from second base, giving the Cubs a 3-0 lead in the third.

The Cubs added onto their lead with a run in the top of the fourth.

Chicago lead Pittsburgh 4-2 in the bottom of the fourth inning.