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MLB World Reacts To Wild Home Run Derby Brawl

A view of Dodger Stadium during a game.

A massive brawl broke out in the stands during Monday night's Home Run Derby. 

A few Dodgers fans began throwing haymakers as some of the game's best sluggers went yard time and time again. 

It got pretty ugly before a few more fans stepped in to break things up. 

"Even at the Home Run Derby, there was a fight in the bleachers at Dodger Stadium," wrote Baseball Fight Club. 

What is up with Dodgers fans always fighting each other? 

"It isn’t Dodger stadium without a fight lol," said Julissa Villasenor. 

"Good thing we giants fans don’t have much compare to that unless something is very different mostly unless it’s running on the field like crazy or something? lol," wrote Franco Torres.

"This is exactly why my wife and I no longer go to games at Dodger Stadium. Not worth it. @Dodgers," said Geoff Bloom. 

"Dumbest fan base out there. They fight each other all the time," wrote Tino. 

"Fighting at the Homerun Derby what a joke," said Zak. 

Unfortunately this won't be the last fight at Dodgers stadium that goes viral in a 24-hour span. 

We're confident another fight or two will break out at the All-Star Game tonight.