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Newsday Getting Crushed For "Smooth Sailing" Headline On Mets Article

New York newspaper Newsday is catching some heat after an "insensitive" headline.

Early Sunday morning, Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez died, along with two of his friends, in a tragic boating accident off of Miami Beach. The Marlins, who were slated to play the Mets, cancelled their game to pay their respects.

Wednesday morning, Newsday, for its recap of the Mets' 12-1 defeat of the Marlins on Tuesday night, ran what can only be described as an insensitive headline. The publication titled their post on Noah Syndergaard's dominating pitching performance "Smooth sailing with sharp Noah."

Obviously, a boating reference wasn't the best choice for a headline here.

It's unlikely that the headline was meant to be offensive. But it's certainly tone-deaf.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Fernandez's family and friends.