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Nolan Ryan Still Surprised By Old Fight: MLB World Reacts

Legendary MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan on the mound for the Houston Astros back in the day.

Nolan Ryan #34 of the Houston Astros on the mound preparing to throw a pitch during the Major League Baseball National League East game against the Chicago Cubs on 29th May 1988 at Wrigley Field, Chicago, United States. The Astros won the game 7 - 1. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Allsport/Getty Images)

Legendary Major League Baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan was known for a lot of cool things during his career.

His ridiculous fastball. His absurd number of strikeouts. His seven no-hitters.

Ryan was known for something else, too - his fight with Robin Ventura.

Back in 1993, Ryan and Ventura duked it out in one of the most infamous bench-clearing brawls in MLB history.

Ryan, though, is surprised that fans still think of that fight years later.

MLB fans are not surprised, though.

"That was an all timer fight between them. We remember because Nolan took Ventura to school," one fan tweeted.

"It was a one-act play in 5 minutes. It had everything: Compelling characters Conflict Action Remorse Crowd Pleasing Ending," another fan added.

"I watched this clip with my little leaguer just last night, so I guess it’s now being passed on to a new generation," another fan admitted.

It's a fight that MLB fans will never forget, whether Ryan likes it or not.