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One MLB Team Targeting 2 Superstar Pitchers Ahead Of Trade Deadline

The field where the Arizona Diamondbacks play.

PHOENIX, AZ - OCTOBER 02: The diamond is ready for the MLB game between the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field on October 2, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the San Diego Padres 3-2. (Photo by Darin Wallentine/Getty Images)

The San Diego Padres are 20 games under .500, not exactly the record of a trade deadline buyer. Still, it sounds like a big Padres trade to add an ace could happen... or at least, the team is looking into it.

The team is currently in New York, facing the similarly struggling New York Mets in a series. Mets ace Noah Syndergaard is reportedly one of the team's targets, interestingly.

Syndergaard recently went on the disabled list with what has been reported as hand, foot and mouth disease. He spent part of his All-Star break working with a youth camp, which could explain that bizarre malady.

While the Mets just made a poorly-received deal, sending closer Jeurys Familia to the Oakland A's, Syndergaard is one of the team's stars, and won't be an unrestricted free agent until 2022. At just 25, he has a ton of value, but it doesn't seem likely that the Mets would move him.

Noah Syndergaard and Rays starter Chris Archer are both Padres trade targets, per The Athletic's Dennis Lin.

MLB insider Ken Rosenthal has heard similar things about Archer. His article on the potential for a deal is behind The Athletic's paywall.

In a more recent report, there are rare trade talks between the Mets and Yankees over a different young pitcher. The Bronx Bombers are interested in mid-rotation starter Zack Wheeler.

From his SNY piece:

Zack Wheeler could move any minute. There is heavy interest in Wheeler, and a sense among those involved that he should net a top 10 prospect and more. At least 12 teams sent scouts to Citi Field on Tuesday for what might well have been Wheeler's final start as a Met. Among them were the Yankees (yep), Red Sox, Mariners and Reds. The Rangers are also definitely interested.

After a few crazy weeks of NBA trades and free agency, the MLB trade deadline looks like it may be a good one.