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Watch: Phillies Base Runner Gets Caught In Embarrassing Pickoff

A general view of the Philadelphia Phillies logo.

PHILADELPHIA - MARCH 21: The Philadelphia Phillies logo sits atop the new scoreboard at Citizen's Bank Park, the new home of the Philadelphia Phillies March 21, 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Phillies officials aren't sure if the new park will be fully completed when Citizen's Bank Park is scheduled to open in April. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Friday night's Philadelphia Phillies-Washington Nationals game featured a fantastic pitching duel between Zack Wheeler and Max Scherzer. Unfortunately, the pitching battle wasn't the top postgame story.

The Phillies entered the bottom of the ninth trailing by a run. Rhys Hopkins led off the inning, and made the most of his opportunity by doubling. Philly manager Joe Girardi then made a decision he would end up regretting.

Girardi sent Travis Jankowski to pinch run for Hopkins at second. On a 2-2 count, Nationals pitcher Daniel Hudson sent a breaking ball into the dirt, which catcher Alex Avila scooped cleanly. In the process, Jankowski got a massive jump off second which immediately caught Avila's eye.

Rather than choosing to head back to second or try and steal third, Jankowski just stayed in the middle. Avila took advantage by faking a few throws and simply chasing Jankowski down to tag him out. It might've been the worst baserunning play we've ever seen. Take a look.

Here's another look.

We don't blame Jankowski for getting caught with a big lead off second. He saw the ball hit the dirt and clearly thought Avila wouldn't field it cleanly.

The problem here is that Jankowski never made up his mind. It's inexcusable to allow a catcher to tag you out between second and third. He should've just made up his mind and committed one way or the other (even though it still would've probably been an out).

Jankowski's massive blunder cost the Phillies an opportunity to even the score. The Nationals proceeded to escape with a 2-1 win.



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