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Photo: Yasiel Puig With The Stanley Cup Is The Most "2014 Los Angeles Sports" Photo Imaginable

The Los Angeles Kings are just days removed from winning their second Stanley Cup in three years, and the Dodgers are in line for a Wild Card spot based on the current National League standings. Second year outfielder Yasiel Puig, at just 23 years old, is batting .325 with 11 home runs, and is quite possibly the most exciting player in the sport. Things are going pretty well for L.A. sports fans. With all of those things going on, this photo posted to the Dodgers Twitter feed is sure to blow up the internet on the west coast.

">June 18, 2014

The only way this picture could be more Los Angeles is if Kobe Bryant was getting expensive German blood spinning in the background. There is already the appropriate amount of NFL stuff involved here.