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Photos: MLB's New "Off-White" Collaboration Is Going Viral

Off-White is collaborating with MLB and New Era for some expensive merchandise.

As highlighted by ESPN's Joon Lee, the luxury fashion brand has designed MLB apparel with its signature "meteor holes." 

A hat runs for $260. A T-shirt is $355, and a hoodie is $630. Those who want a personalized jersey, a regular white uniform with a simple team logo in the center, will have to cough up $1,030.

The collection includes gear for the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, and Chicago Cubs. 

Most baseball fans probably don't have the money or interest when they could simply dig up old clothes they already ripped. It's also unclear whether Off-White is making a statement by questioning the team's existence with quotation marks.

Do you have $1,030 to spend on a jersey with a hole in it?