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Report: Matt Harvey Was Out Until 4 A.M. Before Getting Suspended

A new report has information on what Matt Harvey did before being a no-show.

Matt Harvey was suspended three days without pay by the New York Mets for a violation of team rules.

Since the suspension was announced on Sunday, we've learned that Harvey was a no-show to the ballpark on Saturday and that he claimed it was because of a bad headache. The Mets apparently didn't buy this, as Harvey as missed mandatory team workouts before.

The New York Post now has details on what Harvey was doing the night before he was a no-show at the ballpark.

He was apparently out partying until 4 a.m.

The “Dark Knight” was celebrating a late Cinco de Mayo at 1Oak until 4 a.m. Saturday — just hours before he failed to show up for a game at Citi Field, reportedly because of a “migraine,” sources said.

Harvey — who makes $5.1 million and is 2-2 with a 5.14 ERA this season — rolled up on the velvet rope club “with his boys” at about 1 a.m. and settled into a private table, the sources said.

The star pitcher threw back a triple play of top-shelf booze, including Armand de Brignac “Ace of Spades” Champagne, Don Julio 1942 tequila and Belvedere vodka, witnesses said.

Harvey's account of what happened - that Saturday, at least - was told to Fan Rag Sports.

According to people close to Harvey, the story goes that he played golf early in the morning, drove the foursome back to the city, and after a chef made him lunch in the early afternoon, he fell asleep. There was no word he did any drinking while golfing (he did drive the foursome back), but when he awoke, he was hit with a bad headache – said to be the worst of his life – and he texted Warthen sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 that he was ill and couldn’t make it to the park.

The suspension reportedly came after a "fuming" Terry Collins met with Mets' ownership.