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Sports World Reacts To The Crazy Randy Johnson Anniversary

Randy Johnson throws a pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

19 Jul 2001: Pitcher Randy Johnson #51 of the Arizona Diamondbacks throwing the ball during the game against the San Diego Padres at Qualcomm Park in San Diego, California. The Diamondbacks defeated the Padres 3-0.Mandatory Credit: Jeff Gross /Allsport

As far as weird sports anniversaries go, today is one of the more odd ones. It is 20 years to the day Randy Johnson killed a bird with a fastball.

The incident happened during a spring training game between Johnson's Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants. Facing Giants outfielder Calvin Murray, Johnson reared back and delivered one of his blazing fastballs.

The pitch never made it to catcher Rod Barajas. An unlucky low-flying dove somehow ventured directly into the path of Johnson's heater. The bird was killed instantly by the pitch and essentially exploded.

Video of the event is now ingrained in baseball lore. On the 20th anniversary, it has gone viral.

As it turns out, Johnson's bird toss was officially ruled a "no-pitch." Nothing close to it has ever happened in an MLB game since.

Frankly, we doubt it ever will either.