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Steve Bartman Reportedly "Overjoyed" By Cubs Winning World Series

Steve Bartman is reportedly quite happy that the Chicago Cubs have ended their 108-year title drought.

The Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title in 108 years on Wednesday night, which, one would assume, makes no man happier than Steve Bartman. Bartman, of course, was partially blamed (unfairly) for the team's loss in the 2003 NLCS when he interfered with a foul ball during Game 6 against the Florida Marlins.

USA TODAY caught up with Bartman's lawyer/spokesman Frank Murtha. Bartman is reportedly "overjoyed" that the Cubs won it all.

“He was just overjoyed that the Cubs won, as all the Cubs fans are,’’ Frank Murtha, a lawyer who has served as Bartman’s spokesman, told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday.

He won't, however, be attending the parade.

As USA TODAY notes, Bartman, who faced a great deal of adversity after the incident, has not done any interviews since it happened back in 2003. It remains to be seen if that'll change.