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Watch: Tampa Bay Rays OF Hilariously Dives For Ball That Lands Over 20 Feet Away

Outfielder Steven Souza dives foolishly.


You can't knock Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Steven Souza for a lack of effort on this fly ball last night.

Souza attempted to track a liner hit out to right-center during last night's game against the Minnesota Twins. As the ball was about to fall in, he made one final desperation dive to try and make the catch.

There was only one problem.

He was nowhere near the ball.

Souza was a good sport about it. After a hilarious play like that, you just need to laugh it off.

He even took some good-natured needling from Statcast, which calculated that he was a full 23 feet short of making the catch, despite the dive. Just a remarkable number.

">@SouzaJr We checked: You needed to cover 73 feet and came up … 23 short.

0% catch probability, but a five-star effort!

— #Statcast (@statcast) May 27, 2017

Ultimately, Souza got the last laugh on the night, however. He hit an eighth inning home run, helping the Rays top the Twins 5-2 on the evening. Luckily, his dive to nowhere didn't wind up costing the team anything, except for some belly laughs, and probably a 'Not Top 10' mention.

Worth it.