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The Son Of A Former MLB Player Is On Life Support After A Scary Injury

The teenager had a scary accident at a game.

The son of a former MLB player is on life support after a scary accident at a game.

Jason Lockhart, the 15-year-old son of former Atlanta Braves infielder Keith Lockhart, was injured during a tournament in South Carolina. He was hit in the face by a ball when he stepped on home plate as the catcher was throwing the ball back to the pitcher. The ball hit Jason and broke his nose.

After recovering from stitches, Jason's nose started to bleed and it didn't stop. A CT scan showed a tear to one of his arteries.

11 Alive in Georgia has more details:

After discovering it was an artery that had been torn, they sedated him for two days since he was uncomfortable with pain. However, the slightest movements– such as a cough– would cause massive bleeds that would not stop. On the June 21, Jason was put on a ventilator to help his body rest while it healed. But the bleeding continued.

By Friday, doctors put him on life support and sedated him to a “paralytic level” so they could monitor and contain any bleeding. They determined all bleeding was, in fact, in the nose and not coming from his brain.

Jason was scheduled to have surgery on Monday to remove the tubes and remove packing in his nose. They are also doing more x-rays and tests to see if they can identify where more bleeding is coming from and if the platelets levels are sufficient to help with clotting. Sydney told 11Alive that Jason was in surgery on Sunday, but he will likely be on the ventilator for a few more days.

Lockhart's sister posted the following update to her Facebook page.

Our thoughts are with the Lockhart family during this tough time.