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Watch: Tim Tebow Finally Got His First Arizona Fall League Hit

Tim Tebow running to first base.


Our long national nightmare is over. Tim Tebow has gotten his first Arizona Fall League hit.

Heading into today's game, Tim Tebow was 0-for-12 in the Arizona Fall League, with two walks and five strikeouts. Then, in his second at-bat, it happened.'s Jonathan Mayo has footage of Tebow's first knock, a solid base hit to left field. It came off of Chicago Cubs prospect Duane Underwood and snapped his 0-for-13 skid.

Not a bad swing by Tim here, but it is still rough watching him rumble around the bases.

The key moving forward remains: how many more hits can Tebow get? Will he eventually find his groove as he gets his first regular at-bats in over a decade, or will he fail as many have predicted.

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