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WATCH: Tim Tebow Says Prayer Over Sick Fan After Fall League Debut

It was quite the scene after Tim Tebow's Arizona Fall League debut on Tuesday.

Tim Tebow went 0-3 at the plate in his Arizona Fall League debut on Tuesday, but following the game he stuck around and signed autographs for fans. Moments into signing, a fan reportedly dropped to the ground and suffered a seizure.

Tebow came to the man's side and reportedly said a prayer while EMT's administered care.

You can hear Tebow at the end of the video say "hang in there buddy" but there is no footage of the prayer he said over the man. Kari Van Horn of ABC 15 was also an eye witness on the scene and shared that Tebow did say a prayer for him, touched the man and he then began to breathe.

TMZ also reported that Tebow stuck around and even joked around with the man to keep him calm during the situation and said that he would keep in touch.