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Tigers Pitcher Travis Wood's Finger Is Disgusting After A Crossbow "Accident"

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DETROIT - APRIL 02: A member of the Detroit Tigers grips a baseball in the dugout against the Toronto Blue Jays during the Home Opener for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on April 2, 2007 in Detroit, Michigan. Toronto won 5-3 in ten innings. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Tigers pitcher Travis Wood apparently also lost a finger. It's easy to see why.

Travis Wood, a left-handed pitcher for the Detroit Tigers who has pitched for the Reds, Cubs, Royals and Padres in his career, suffered what looks like a disgusting injury this offseason. Wood, who was actually an All-Star back in 2013 with Chicago, reportedly suffered the injury during a crossbow accident.

Wood, according to, was ready to go on a deer-hunting trip with his young son. He essentially had a malfunction loading an arrow into the crossbow.

"When I went to put the arrow in, it just went off when it wasn't supposed to. The string went through the finger," Wood said. "It was broken in two places and almost went all the way through."

Wood apparently asked the doctor if he should just amputate the part that was injured. Luckily, he didn't have to.

Katie Strang of The Athletic took a photo of Wood's finger, which no longer has a cast. Between the current state of his nail and the fact that there is a pin still stuck in it for stabilization, it's a tough visual.

Warning - it's graphic. Check it out below:

The injury is to Wood's right hand, and he's a left-handed pitcher, so that's a positive. That being said, he still has to catch the ball with his right hand.

Hopefully, Wood makes a full recovery here. It remains to be seen whether he'll make the Tigers' major league roster this spring.