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Tweet From 2014 Predicts How Cubs vs. Indians Game 7 Will End

A promo for the 2016 world series.

This tweet from 2014 correctly predicted a Cubs-Indians World Series, and how many games would be played. But who will win?

A tweet from 2014 has surfaced, and no it doesn't belong to a political candidate being reintroduced to the world in the form of blackmail. This tweet belongs to someone from the future. Well, maybe.

RaysFanGio correctly predicted the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians would be locked in a tie entering Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. Unfortunately for us, that also means the apocalypse is upon us. According to Gio's tweet from 2014 at least.

After correctly predicting the teams comprising the World Series, this man looks pretty smart. Then he correctly predicted how long the series would run. And for his latest trick? Calling for the apocalypse.

If the game is tied in extra innings, it's been nice knowing you. Spend the last few hours of life enjoying the finer things in life. Like beer and baseball. Godspeed, and good luck.